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O-Ring Problems

I use the Polysulphone disconnects, from NB, in my brew rig. The last two times I have brewed, the o-rings have been cutting and failing. I had some spares that I got when I purchased the original equipment, etc so I put them on. After one or two cycles they all cut and leaked , of course. So, anybody else having this issue? I had to have a friend run to the local hardware and get a couple of replacements during the brewday just to keep going, good thing he was here having a homebrew. Has anyone found a better replacement material, maybe silicone or ? Thanks, for ideas.

I never got a warm fuzzy from plastic as a material for connections. I use SS camlocks with silicone orings. They never leak. In your case I’d try silicone and see if that works for you.

Lubricate them and buy some extras from

+1 on the lube +2 on the spares

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