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Nut brown

I brewed the nut brown kit 9 days ago that I bought during the 14.92 sale (not my go to style but wanted something different). OG 1.043 checked the gravity after 1 week it was at 1.008. Taste was good however it was a little underwhelming (I’m sure carbonation would help). I’m certainly going to give it a chance before making my final observations. Thinking ahead I think I would like to revisit this kit. Swapping the 6 lbs of gold extract with maris otter extract instead. Any thoughts?

I had brewed the nut brown once after having Smithwick’s brown ale. Not too much going on with it but a lot like the Smithwicks. At the time didn’t consider trying to improve it. Brewed the Caribou Slobber next and have’t stopped.

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Yeah I’ve always heard good things about the slobber. Like the nut brown it didn’t really appeal to me but I think I’ve opened up to them.

Did brew couple times nut brown. The first time ok. But next brew. I did. Let it stand two weeks longer in second. And did dryhop. Came out much beter . Yes indeed the carbou slobber. Just a nice beer to brew and drink. Me. For example the recipy says. 4 weeks. I add 2 more weeks fermenting / condition. It seems to work total time before kegging 6 weeks

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