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Nut Brown Ale

Good evening all,

I’ve been brewing all grain for awhile and am in need of a well balanced nut brown ale recipe to brew for the pops in the next month or so. He has cited that he is a big fan of Messiah’s Nut Brown Ale; I’ve had a few and it isn’t bad. He doesn’t mind bitterness, rather it’s the flavor and aroma of hops that are off-putting for him. That being said, being well balanced is key. Obvious parameters include a regular batch size (5-6 gallons), average bitterness with minimal amounts of hop character (small amounts of late additions). Grain isn’t a problem, as I live 20 minutes from a local brewery. Please feel free to chime in! I know taste is subjective…

Thanks in advance,


Use a good nutty base malt like Maris Otter. My 5-6 gallon basic recipe is:
8 Lb (80%) Maris Otter
1 Lb (10%) 40-60 Crystal Use English if you can get it
.5 Lb (5%) biscuit or Victory malt
1/4Lb (2.5%) Chocolate malt. Use English if you can get it
1/4 Lb (2.5%) Torrified Wheat
18-22 IBU of Fuggle or East Kent Goldings
A good English ale yeast. I like 1968/WLP002, 1028, or 1469 West Yorkshire.
O.G. 1.043-48 F.G 1.010-12

You can use a .5 Oz of aroma hop the last 2 minutes of the boil if you want a Northern style brown. This is one of my favorite styles, but my friends prefer hoppy beers so I don’t brew it as often as I would like.

Yeah I have a similar recipe. I’ll tinker with it a bit and see where it gets me.

SA, ibthink i will give your recipe a try. It looks pretty good. I was wondering if 10 percent crystal was a little much. The last nut brown i made haf similar amount and was a little overpowering at least in my recipe. More porterish than nut brown. Then again, i used 80l crystal.

A lb of crystal and another 1/4lb of chocolate malt would be to much for me as well

I was looking around and alot of but browns use that much.

I have a nut brown I haven’t brewed in a long time and was thinking it was time to brew this… My base is Maris Otter then the specialty is chocolate malt… I’ve come to 4 oz to a 5 gallon batch… It seems to give it the right amount of chocolate back ground flavor… ABV sits in 5% range… If you like a new castle style… Add 3/4 cup brown sugar… Sneezles61

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