Nut Brown Ale - Recipe advice needed

With veterans day and all I was talking to a friend about making a beer for our little reunion in January. We were in the 101st, and I was wanting to make a Nut Brown Ale because:
a) I like Brown ales.
b) Gen McAuliffe of the 101st is famous for during the Battle of the Bulge responding to a German request for surrender by sending the official response of “Nuts” to the German Commander…so Nuts! Brown Ale, why not

I havent yet decided if I was going to do Partial Mash or All grain, so I’m posting both recipes I came up with. I really want this to be great, so any advice from experienced brewers on the direction I should go and how you think these will taste (flavor profile) would be appreciated.

Partial Mash, 5 gallon:
Light Dry Extract: 4 lbs 12 oz
Chocolate Malt: 6.0 oz
Brown Malt: 5.0 oz
Victory Malt: 8.0 oz
Crystal Malt - 60L: 1 lb 2 oz
Amber Candi: 1.0 lbs (added at FO)
Hops =
Willamette: 1.5 oz at 60 min
Willamette: 1.5 oz at 10 min
Willamette: 2.0 oz at FO
Yeast =
Yorkshire Square Ale (Liquid Wyeast)

Option 2:
AG: same recipe but with 8.5 lbs Maris Otter instead of Light Dry extract

154° F for 60 minutes

additional idea:
Pretty sure with the malts there it should be nutty enough, but depending on how the samples taste might add 1/2 tbs hazelnut extract during bottling. But not sure on that, worry it would make it ridiculous nutty.

I guess I can’t really comment on either partial mash or all grain but I used to do this kit on a semi-regular bases when I was an extract brewer. It was always pretty tasty. Nothing fantastic that you would jump out of your pants and write home about, but pretty dang good.

I’m wondering why they use the light dry extract when the basemalt is Maris Otter. I know they not to long ago started carrying a Maris Otter extract.

If you really want this to be as good as possible I would go All-Grain. I have no issues with going partial mash, but it sounds like you are willing to put as much into this one as you can for the best possible result.

Looks pretty good. I’d go with the MO, cut back a little on the chocolate (I’d probably replace 2 oz. with 2 more oz. of victory, or amber malt) and bitter it up a little more, but you know your own taste.
I’ve never used that yeast - is it clean or estery?

I would definitely go all grain if you want it to be the best it can be. Cut back to 4 Oz. of Chocolate malt. I like the Victory and Crystal malts in a brown. I have not tried brown malt. Aromatic would probably be ok too. I usually use 5% torrified wheat and no sugar. I like Fuggles at 20-25 IBU better than Willamette, but that is just a personal preference. I would skip the flavor and aroma hops because you want the nuttiness of the malt to come through. I did use 1/4 Oz. of EKG for aroma on my last brown, and it got 3rd place in a big competition.

I like 1.048 gravity, but a bit higher or lower should be fine. I like Wy1968 although my award winning brown was made with 1768 English bitter (Youngs) which was a specialty strain. The Yorkshire square yeast should be great, but don’t Burtonize your water. I used it in some pale ales, and they came out metallic which was probably from the Magnesium(epsom salts for the sulfates.) I would also skip the hazelnut extract, or just do a few bottles with it.

Thank you for your service to our country. I hope your beer comes out great.