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Nut Brown Ale question

So I am curently looking at creating my 3rd batch, my 1st was Caribou Slobber it was good but left me wanting more. My second batch was the Northern Brewer Cream Ale with Sweet Orange Peel added in 5 min to flame out, that turned out awesome. Now im looking at slightly stepping out and wanting to make a Nut Brown Ale and pitch with Wyeast 3068 Hefe yeast. My question is since im trying to create an easy Banana Nut bread brew should I ferment at the low or high end to produce more of the banana esters? I have seen posts on multiple other sites that say they fermetned at a low temp (64 deg) and others say they fermented at the high (74 deg) Any sugestions would help. Thanks :cheers:

My first experience with 3068 was a good one. Fermented around 68 and got more banana than clove, but that was with 65%wheat, 35% barley extracts. All the advice I got was low 60’s for clove, high 60’s for banana. But I have no Idea or experience when using it in a nut brown. I’m sure some pros can weigh in on this. Good luck. Sounds promising!


A nut brown ale with 3068 does not sound appealing IMO. Search the internet to find your exact desired flavor profile relative to temperature. I’ve used this yeast on several occasions; be sure to rig up a blow off tube. It can get messy.

Check the (edited) first post in this thread viewtopic.php?t=40751

I’ve been able to get the clove note I prefer using the info from the thread (ferulic acid rest, ferment at 62F). I assume the guidance for getting banana is equally reliable. From my experimentation, I’d do a ferulic acid rest to get clove and skip it to emphasize banana.

Thanks for all of your responses. I have a little while to figure out this to make it to where i want it. I just figured since I read that the Nut Brown Ale has a nutty taste that adding the 3068 to it would be a quick and easy way out. I did find a recipie, let me know what you guys think. This will be my first venture away from an actual kit so we shall see.

Partil Mash Recipie


Simpsons Vienna Malt 0.75lbs
Bairds Chocolate Malt 0.5lbs
Castle Chateau Biscut 0.5lbs
Thomas Fawcett & Sons Brown Malt 0.25lbs
Munich Malt 0.25lbs


Breiss Sparkeling Amber LME 6.37lbs


Liberty 1.0oz 60min
Fuggle 1.0oz 30min
Northern Brewer (DE) 0.5oz 15min


Wyeast 3068


Irish Moss 1.0oz 15min

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