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Nut Brown Ale: Am I ok, or should I be concerned?

I followed all instructions and videos to a “T” and am brewing my first brew of Nut Brown from Northern Brewers “Nut Brown Ale extract kit” and chose “Wyeast 1945 NB NeoBritannia.”

All seems to be well, but am slightly concerned on the Fermentation, and would like for some experienced brewers to tell me whether they feel I am ok, or not.

I pitched yeast while wort was about 74 degrees. The Ambient temp, where stored, started at 68, on the first day of fermentation, and stays now at about 63-65 degrees. The Fermentor/Glass Carboy is and has been reading at the same temp on its liquid crystal thermometer, adhered to its side .
My initial fermentation started at about 8 hours after yeast pitch. The activity in the carboy was very noticeable, and my airlock continued to bubble once every second for 1.5 days.

I am now at 2-2.5 days, and the fermentation “airlock” has slowed to about 2 bubbles a minute, with a drop in noticeable/visible fermentation activity. The top tan foam is gradually lessening and particles are falling to the bottom now.

I understand that an airlock and its bubbling is not an accurate way to gauge fermentation, and I really do NOT want to disturb this process with Hydrometer readings at this point. But, I would like to hear back from experienced brewers. Especially past Nut Brown Extract kit brewers familiar with the Wyeast Smack Pak I used.

Thanks, and your advice is appreciated. :smiley:

You’re golden. Right on track. Wait at least 2 weeks to take your hydro reading but it’ll probably be done by then. The thermometer on the side is at or below the liquid level, correct?


for a low gravity beer such as that, particularly with a pitch at a warm temp (74 degrees) the bulk of your fermentation could be done in as little as 2.5-3 days. I would let it sit for 7 days since pitching and then take a hydro reading, then maybe let it sit one more week to condition out a bit…

Thanks! All!. I appreciate the responses.
mvsawyer: Thank you and “Correct”, the thermometer on the side is a few inches below the liquid level.
Blatz: Thank you for your advice as well.

I will rest better now… :cheers:

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