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Nugget later addition question

I have been reading a lot about not using nugget past the bittering hop point. Does it have a bad flavor and aroma?

Having never brewed with it and having a lb of it, I was thinking of doing an single hop pale or ipa to learn the ins and outs of the hop. But then I read that it has an awful aroma and not a good flavor.

Any body that has used/uses it, I would love to hear your thoughts?

I like Nugget late - adds orange flavor and aroma, plus some floral.

Nice. I am totally ok with that. If the aroma is not great, I will just dry hop it with a hop that has a strong aroma that I dig.

So I think I will do a single hopped pale.

appreciate it.

Grand Teton Brewing has a beer called Sweetgrass APA that is real popular around here. They use Nugget at 15, 5, and Whirlpool. They blend it with columbus and summit. Very tasty. :cheers:

Troegs Nugget Nectar

and a clone recipe for it

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