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Nugget hops

I won a pound of these this weekend at a competition. I don’t have much experience with them. Do you all?


Look for a Nugget Nectar clone recipe - it’s pretty good.

I haven’t had a chance to use them for a flavor/aroma addition yet, but they are becoming my go-to bittering hop for most styles that don’t require a soft bitterness. They aren’t quite as aggressively bitter as Chinook, but they do have a solid bite to them.

I’ve just dipped into my pound of Nugget hops which I had never tried before but bought for $9. I got them because I know people like them for bittering and I did a all Nugget hopped IPA with hops at 60,20,15,10,5,0 and dryhopping. It turned out pretty good but was a bit over the top for me. Kind of herbal, pungent and floral. Some people say a bit spicy but I didn’t really get that. I haven’t really tried them as a combo yet but I’m thinking they might work well with some Chinook or Simcoe. Or maybe Centennial or Cascade.

I cannot say enough about Nugget hops being used super well for dry hopping!

I agree!! I love the aroma and flavor of these. Does a nice job at bittering as well, rather smooth.

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