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Now bottled ... and where placed they got too cool!

Having just bottled the BP Amber Ale Sunday figured a good place to let the bottle conditioning happen was in my unused bathtub in the spare bathroom. House temp been staying @ 65-68 so figured i would be fine … damn it.

Checked on them today late afternoon and temp in the tub is 58* and I’m afraid my yeast will be / is shut down ?
will moving the bottles to a warmer location wake up the yeast again ? … or do i need 70++ to reawaken activity ?

Help … My first brew and kinda panicked.

move them and all will be fine. they will pickup right where they we’re before falling asleep

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In addition, once you move them to a warmer location let them stabilize at that temp (~70°). The next day flip the bottles to suspend any yeast that has settled.


Heating pad? Sneezles61

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So are you saying we want the yeast in bottle bottoms to be placed into the air space within bottle ?
or are we wanting said yeast to be distributed back into the beer ?

You are simply flipping the bottle to resuspend the yeast that would have settled due to the lower temps.

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There’s where i’m confused … looking at few clear bottles that were used, there is a settled ring of yellowish yeast in the bottles bottom and turning the bottle over simply has the beer fall away and yeast stay adhered to bottle bottom up in the air space present ?

There’s plenty of yeast that was resuspended. They’ll carbonate; give them time.

Shake it? Sneezles61

Inverted and gently swirled to wash the yeast back into emulsion. Doing so discovered 2 bottles with compromised caps that leaked carbonated brew .
2 cases been by the wood stove all week staying @ 68-70* now. Now we don’t/won’t touch them again for a few weeks.

Fridged a sixer this AM … Wife & I had a few this evening.
Light carbonation, smooth and easy drinking.

SUCCESSFUL first brew …


And so it begins… [maniacal laughter] [Fade to credits]

^^^^^ Thats where the Roger Waters scream would be handy! In fact… Pink Floyd recycled that a few more times! Sneezles61

I live near Syracuse N.Y. I keep my in an room where the heat is on. I also cover the bottles with a towel to avoid the sun light. I found that give it time and yeast will wake up and say, “hello”.

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