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Novice Home Brewer looking for Mentor

Evening, I’m very new to homebrewing but so far I have enjoyed it. Only problem is I’m kind of on my own and was looking for some one that I could e-mail occasionally about my products, share ideas with, and receive tips. I’m currently making Kombucha, beer, and wine. :cheers:

Maybe someone will volunteer on here. BUT why not instead just post your thoughts & questios on here for all to see.

FYI I tend to hang out on a handful of different forums ranging from sports to smoking/grilling and this one. Hands down I have never seen a larger group of friendly, knowledgeable and helpful bunch then you will find on here.

If you have questions or ideas to ponder post on here, nobody will care, in fact we will love it.

just my 2 cents. no question is too dumb or rookie, we were all there once. heck I’ve ben brewing now for 3-4 years and still have goofy newbie questions all the time

Welcome to the forum. I started brewing 2 years ago. I was lucky to find this forum right after I got started. My mentors are on here almost every day. They have yet to lead me astray.

What area of SE Mich?

Macomb County 8)
And thank you for the great responses I will take every ones advice on that, I appreciate it! :cheers:

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