Not carbonating after 2wks

Made some Caribou Slobber and after 11 days there in no carbonation in the beer.

The room is at 68 degrees is that to cool for it to carbonate?

Could I open the bottles and add more sugar to each bottle – if so how much?

It also taste very week or watery. I’ve never tasted this beer before so not sure what it should be like but it’s about like an American no flavored beer.

Something is not right. You did add priming sugar, yes?

Yes I did priming sugar

I would turn the bottles over everyday or so for a week and check them again.

[quote=“A1 Mark”]It also taste very week or watery. I’ve never tasted this beer before so not sure what it should be like but it’s about like an American no flavored beer.[/quote]Are you familiar with the style? Because you are very accurately describing an American Brown, so I don’t think there’s a problem with the beer itself. Do the flip-and-swirl routine once a day for a week and raise the temp to 75-80F, then put one bottle in the fridge for at least 24 hours and check the carbonation.

Yep, I would flip and raise the temp to closer to 75F.

Thanks for the ideals – I’ve moved the beer to a warmer room and will flip and swirl each day for a week.

I have tried brown ales this is very week.

Thanks again
A1 Mark

What was your SG. and FG? That beer should be in the 1.052 to 1.055 range.
Is there any yeast on the bottom of the bottle?
How long was it in the fermenter?
Are the caps on tight? I had a bad capper once. I capped and put on a balloon over the neck. In 3 days the balloon was filling with co2.
How much sugar did you use?
Warming and shaking the bottles upside down is a good idea but do not store them upside down you will get a yeast deposit in the cap and neck of the bottle.

How many bottles have you tried? Where they from different cases? Sometime if the priming sugar didn’t get mixed well, some bottles can be over carbed and some under. Happened to me once.

I only tried 2 bottles and neither had been refrigerated. Put 2 in the frig. Thursday and will try Sat to see if they are any better.

It was in the 1st fermenter for 1 week then 4weeks in the 2nd fermernter & 2weeks in the bottles. Used 5oz. priming sugar for 5 Gals. Beer.
Capes seem to be on good.

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Moving it after 1 week may have been too early, but really wouldn’t affect the carbonation.

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Hey guys thanks for all the advice.

Just tried a beer that had been in the frig for 48 hours and it does have a little more carbonation now and more flavor too. It’s not the best beer I’ve had but for my first time brewing it’s not bad.

The rest of the beer are in a room that is around 70-75 degrees and have been turning the bottles every day hopefully that will help them to have more carbonation.

Thanks again for all the help