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Northern Brewer German Blonde Ale problems

Hi everyone,

Tonight I opened a bottle of the Northern Brewer German Blonde Ale that I brewed. Unfortunately, it was less than ideal. There was no head on pour and it was over-carbonated and felt a tad watery. The watery part was surprising, on bottling day I sampled a bit and it had a nice flavor.

Below are details from my brew day notes:

Type: Extract with steeping grains
Volume: 1 gallon
Pitch temp: 68F
SG: 1.040
Secondary: on 4/4
FG: 1.010
Bottled on: 4/14
Opened first bottle on: 5/5

So, I had 1 week in primary, 10 days in secondary and 3 weeks in bottle.

Fermentation, secondary and bottle condition were at a temp range of 68-72. I used the Fizz Drops that Northern Brewer supplied, one drop per bottle per directions.

Any thoughts on where I messed up?


There was no head, but it was overcarbonated?

Yeah, no head on the pour. Had a good hiss on opening but when i tried a drink it felt like it formed up and I had to spit it out. A little odd. Any thought?

Did it resemble soda as you poured it - foamed up a little but no persisiting head and large carbonation bubbles coming up?

Wait, did you pour it into a glass or drink it right from the bottle?

You didn’t chill the bottles long enough to force the CO2 into solution. All the carbonation is still in the headspace.

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