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Northern Brewer customer service

Anyone else had trouble communicating with NB Customer Service? I have reached out to them 2 separate times over the week through the website, tried to find a basic phone number online… only to realize they don’t have a number where you can speak with someone verbally. I did find a number that you can text them through so I did that as well. And still… crickets. Seems very odd. They have always provided excellent customer service.

You should have gotten an email from them saying that (reading between the lines) they are under staffed and will get beck to you shortly. It took a few days about a week ago.

That is strange. Usually they have excellent customer service.

They hope to get back to that in the future, they said. I think t had something to do with their recent purchase. No more phone support

Me dont have any issue talking to them when i need them

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