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Northern Brewer Chocolate Milk stout Partial Grains Kit -ma

Hi everyone

im new to brewing and this is my second recipe kit

Kit: Chocolate Milk Stout Extract Kit w/ Specialty Grains
I think I made an error with the Hops additions

The kits comes with 2 bags of Cluster Hopps 1.0 oz ea.

instructions per Kit
1.0 oz @ 60mins at start of Boil
.5 oz at 30 mins left on Boil ( I added the 1.0 instead of half/ .5oz)

so basically Im .5 oz over the recipe instructions 1will this ruins the stout?
I brewed this last Sunday may 25, 2015 the day before memorial day. Its in the primary fermenter bucket fermenting away… I hope the .5 oz extar i added at 30mins will not make it overly biter

by the way my OG was 1.051/ 1.052 just like :oops: the kits says it should be for OG

can anybody tell me if I made this chocolate milk stout too hoppy? I’m so knew I have no idea/ experiance as to what amounts of Hopps is okay if added over the recommended amounts

It will be hopper than intended. “Too hoppy” depends on your personal taste. I’d stick with it; you may just like it better.

You’ve learned that particular lesson, Most hops found in kits are in 1oz bags, but the recipes often call for 1/2 oz. There are worse screw-ups.

Thanks for the reply JMCk
Yes you are correct I learned a good lesson read the instructions…I’m hopingiys not overly happy
Maybe aging long in bottle will help

Kit calls for 2 weeks primary
2 to 4 weeks secondary and 2 weeks bottle conditioning
I’m thinking I’m gonna condition in bottle extra 2 weeks hopefully hops fade by then. LOL damnnit I could kick myself oh well learnt lesson :slight_smile:

I suspect that you will be fine. Lots of things going in your favor: Cluster hops are about 5.5% AA, so they are not overpowering to begin with, you added too much flavoring hops instead of too much bittering hops, and 1.052 is a fair OG that I think will absorb the additional hops well.

Relax, don’t worry, have a homebrew. We all have face-palm moments, the secret to improving your beer is to not have this particular mistake happen again. It is a learning moment. Now you will remember to separate your hops in the future.

Part of the learning curve. I can tell you exactly what I did wrong on my first five brews. Take notes. Learn from the mistakes. And if you’re like me…RELAX and quit being so hard on yourself. You will scrutinize your brew and I bet your friends will still love it and help you drink it.

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1st off you guys are fraking Cool! thanks for responding and sharing your brewing wisdoms!

yea I lost sleep the 1st night…LOL but i just figured lesson learned :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. take Notes ( which i have religiously) second brew already but have brew journal
  2. make sure I take my time
  3. talk to you guys on here
  4. have fun!

Ok so have a question don’t kill me cause might be retard question

I’d like to someday start full 6 gallon boil for 5 gallon batches (bottled) my question?

2.5 gallon boils/ 5 gallon end batch with X amounts of Hops:
The Hops/IBUS get diluted because you end up topping off to a full 5 gallons thus diluting the IBUS

In a full boil 6 gallons/ 5 gallon end batch you don’t add much water if any correct? . This means you use less Hops because you’re not diluting the IBUS

( Example beer kit recipe)
half boil recipe “2.5 gallons boil/ 5 gallon batch”, then top off too 5 gallons
@ boil 60min = 1.0oz cluster hops
@30min left= .5oz cluster hops

Recipe above, alter it for a Full boil
start with 6 gallons to account for boil off
@boil 60min= 1.0oz of Hops reduce by 20% or 1.0oz X .20 = 0.2oz
@30mins left = .5oz of Hops reduce by 20% or .5 X .20 = 0.1oz

Am I understanding this correctly? oh and 60mins is for flavor and 30 mins for bitterness?
In regards to why add hops at certain times and amounts…

60 minutes is for bitterness, 30 minutes is flavor. You have it backwards. To make sure we understand your math formula, that is the amount of hops you are not using. The amount that you are using is 1 oz * 0.8 = 0.8 oz and 0.5 oz * 0.8 = 0.4 oz.

You can reduce the amount of hops, or you can reduce the amounts of waste (left over unused hops). I use to help me understand my brewing and I was shocked to see the minimal effect that a full-boil has on bitterness compared to a partial boil (except on milds and other low OG brews).

Thanks for the response

I see what your talking about. My math is the amount that I take away from my Hops ( what i dont use) which i did not realize till you pointed it out…thanks…I would been screwing up my hops usages.LOL

My math = what you take away from each hop amount (not used)

Your math= is what you use (not the waste) so you’re multiplying by 8% or .08 x your total hop amounts= what you actually use

bittering and aroma times …you are correct. I read about it after I posted my message and as you said…I had it backwards…LOL

60mins = bitterness
30mins= aroma


By the way Im new and never have done an all grain… is all grain really that much better than extract with partial grains?

Also is full boil better than the 2.5 gallon boils for a 5 gallon batch

from what i read for full boils the benefits are clear beer and not so dark wort. is it better for taste though?

I do not have the equipment to do full boils or all-grain except low OG (milds, berlinner wiesse, etc) and smaller batches (1-2.5gallons) with medium-low OG (topping out around 1.05 SG). I have had people enjoy my extract brews, but they have raved about my all-grains. Any time you can do a full boil, you will get a better product.

The ability to mix and match 2 or 3 base malts with any number of specialty grains gives you level of control that we lose when forced to used “Pilsner Extract” or “Amber Extract” or “Dark Extract” with specialty grains. :cheers:

I almost did the exact same thing when I brewered NB’s Tallgrass Halcyon partial mash kit recently. Luckily, I happened to double check the recipe just before I dumped the full ounce of hops in. On the bright side, you doubled up the 30 min addition, which won’t add as many IBUs as if you would’ve doubled the 60 min addition (like I almost did). Chances are your beer will still be just fine and, like has already been said, it might even be better.

Thanks to everyone for their comments and experiences. I’m thinking will be good :slight_smile: but yup double and double check. LOL before adding hops. LOL

By the way this is my 2nd brew
My 1st was an Irish stout 5 gallon partial grains DME recipe from the book john Palmers how to brew. I took a chance and modified the recipe

*1lb lactose @ bottling bucket
*cold steeped coffee Pete’s dark roast@ bottling bucket

  • 4oz raw cocoa nibs with vodka 1 week extract(was supposed to be at secondary fermenter but was late idea, so I added it at bottling instead)
    Actually came out very good minus the weak cocoa due to it being added right at bottling

I’m hoping this 2nd brew will be like a Young’s double chocolate milk stout. Too bad I’m not set up for nitro

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