Northern Brewer Brick and Mortar stores close....their automated recording still gives store hours

Northern brewer closed their brick and mortar stores the end of August. Their automated voice mail still gives the store location and hours of operation :frowning:

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Did I read that this was happening? Seems like I did but I’m not sure :joy:

Also, seeing some of the specials Morebeer has I think homebrewing shops are S.T.R.U.G.G.L.I.N.G. Homebrewing has been on the decline, along with craft beer, in general.

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Not my fault!:joy: i’ve brewed like crazy this year, that was my New Year’s resolution, and for once I hit the mark.

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I’m responsible… I didn’t brew much at all… :roll_eyes:
I’d think everyone went back to work, so no one has time to brew… but then, no one wants to work… labor shortage? Either way, that’s sad news…
Or local brewery always seems very busy up here. Being right at the edge of the forests, trails and blacktop, and of course fishing and hunting…

I’m imagining the economy and inflation has something to do with it, less spare cash around to brew with. I’m still brewing, but I only order ingredients when there are sales on. I’ve done 12 batches so far this year with 3 more planned, so I’m a bit down from a “normal” year of brewing.


Sorry to hear that but I am not surprised. Malls that were the place to go for shopping are closing. People order everything online. Some of this I believe came about after the pandemic when no one wanted to be out in a crowd.

Where we are now the closest Walmart is about 85 miles away and the local Kmart is long gone so Amazon is about it for many things.

NB will still be my go to for homebrew supplies here and it’s about time I order up a holiday beer kit.


I’ve been ordering online since I started in fact my NB starter kit was online. We have a few homebrew stores close (in a brewery, a meadery, and an upscale party store)by but brew supplies are their sideline and not their main income stream.

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