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Northdown Hops?

I see that Northdown hops are on the market again, after what seemed like a pretty long absence, at least from the sources I usually use. I never did get around to experimenting with that variety, and I’m wondering what kind of character they contribute to a beer. I’ve heard from one source that they’re just UK Northern Brewer with a different name, but I’m not sure if I buy that. I’m thinking of using them in a British style pale ale or IPA. Does anyone here have enough experience with them to give them a good description?

Northdown is an English-bred daughter of Northern Brewer (and a half-sister to Perle, and auntie of Target and Challenger). It’s not a re-branded Northern Brewer. I’ve never used it.

I think that Northdown has a pleasant “earthiness” about it.
Distinctly different in flavor from Perle. Never tried Target.

I bought a pound of Northdown a long while ago and found it to work really well in British styles for any additions I chose. Less floral than Goldings, less catty than Fuggles, less intense than Admiral. A nice, if not mellow, hop.

Good to know. Would you describe them as more earthy or fruity, or a little of both?

I’d say they are both in a pleasant way. Probably earthier than other varieties I mentioned.

My experience with Target is, it’s pretty potent, be carefull.

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