Noob Tip - Opening Hop Packages

Here’s a Noob tip: Open you hops packages from the bottom so if you have a partial you can roll it closed, secure it, and still read the name. :sunglasses:


Masking tape helps to keep them rolled up too! AND it doesnt stick to hard when cold… Helping you Mr. Noob!! :slight_smile: Sneezles61

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I find Scotch tape works even better than masking tape… over time… in the freezer… that I share with my family’s “real” food (read: they aren’t very respectful to my bags of hops)


I use binder clips on mine or clothespins.

Me do use hops from artisan. Besides hops from our host. Artisan you can reseal themn. For the other hops. Got these small. Boxes. You can vacum seal them

I stick the pack in a Zip Loc bag and squeeze as much air out as possible.

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And wrap a rubber band around it

I always purchase 16 oz packages (more economical).

Always keep it air tight and in the beer freezer…


I stick my hops inside balloons. Then I have a contingency plan called “Operation Fresh Step”.

Instead of squeezing the air out, why don’t you stick a straw in to the bag, and seal most of the bag and then suck as much of the air out through the straw and then when you get as much of the air out as you can, seal the bag the rest of the way.