Noob ? On hop schedule

Hello all! I am trying my hand at brewing this coming weekend and am going to brew the American wheat extract kit. My question was whether this type of extract would hold up to the hopping schedule or a similar schedule found in the zombie dirt pale ale kit. I am going for a hop forward session wheat and was why I was picking that kit to begin with. Big fan of citra hops so was using the zombie dirt kit as reference. Thanks and I appreciate the feedback.

Sure, go for it. Change any/every recipe to suit your own tastes. That’s what makes brewing so awesome, you can do whatever you like, and be creative, and… yeah, I had too much to drink again. :smile:

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Drunk advice is always solid advice ha! I may use slightly less hops just to be on the safe side.

@dmtaylo2 some of my better ideas cone after a couple too many beers. Some bad ideas come after a couple too many… Crap shoot really.

But I agree, use the wheat recipe with a zombie hop schedule.

Take a look at Hoppy American Wheat Beer Recipe - it may help “dial in” the hop schedule for your first attempt.

Good idea thanks!