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Noob bottling from a keg

So I am bottling a few beers after each batch to save for later. I let the beer carbonate and then bottle. Would it hurt anything if I kept the bottles at room temperature afterwords?

No Sneezles61

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I’m curious how long will they remain carbonated?

I have bottles that were bottled off the keg for years that have maintsined their carb. I use a beer gun.

Just make sure you fill from the bottom and you should be fine. I got laisy and filled some from the tap and they got oxidated pretty quickly

I paid attention to Mueller brau… Get the beer carbed to where you like it… A big tub full of star San and ice to keep the bottles very cold… Turn the PSI’s down so it just fills very slowly… Cap quickly…
Him, along with a few others, I miss them and their input… Old dawg… Pietro… zwiller… There’s more… Help me name them…

I tried filling from the tap after watching that Mueller vidio and ended up with oxidized beer went back to filling from the bottom and haven’t had problems storing the bottles. I’ll fill from the tap occasionally but only if I’m drinking them right away. There is a reason brrewies use those growler filling tubes


That’s a problem I figured out quite a while ago… But that was in the past when I used picnic taps… The small tubing fit in the beer bottle opening…
Fast forward to now… I have perlicks without the removable snout… So 1/2" tubing fits fine on the tap… But it won’t go in a beer bottle opening… Same thing as a growler!!! :weary:
But I keep an eye out for the juniors with the big mouth… That works fine.
So in short… Mueller system works beautiful… with the added hose… Hoser! :grimacing: Sneezles61

He didn’t use a hose. I use intertap forward sealing taps with the interchangeable tips. I have one tip with a tube attached that I can screw in. But mostly I use a piece of stainless steel tubing stuck in a picnic tap if I’m bottling a 12 pack or more

I’ve been using this growler filler tube with my perlicks. Its convenient and works well to fill from the bottom. I’ll certainly agree to reducing keg pressure while filling bottles.


I’m contemplating carbonating in a keg then transferring to my bottles. While I’m usually pretty good at bottle conditioning. 1 out of 5 batches isn’t where I want it. I will not be able to pressurize my keg and bring chill it because of my shared apartment lifestyle. SO I guess my question is, can I do this reliably at room temperature?

Are you talking about bottle conditioning the keg or force carb? There are ways to do it but you will need co2 either way. Bottle conditioning works well at room temperature co2 infusion under pressure works better cold but can be done warm. Either way you drop the tank pressure and need some bursts to keep the beer flowing slowly very slowly always from the bottom

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I’m talking about a force carbonated keg that I bottle from. All at room temp

I’ve never tried it but I don’t think it will be possible. The warmer the temp of the beer the more CO2 is going to come out of solution and create massive foaming.

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If you force carbonate it warm you will need to do it at a higher PSI but I think it may work. I agree if you carbonate cold and then warm the keg it would be a problem. I’m just guessing here. I think maybe naturally conditioning the keg may be a better option.

Keg before you reach FG… Cask conditioning if you will…

I’ve force carbonated warm by using a higher PSI. It will work. But I’ve also poured beer off at that temp and it came out super fast and foamed like no other. The beer can’t hold the CO2.
I also ‘bottle condition’ my hefes in kegs at room temp. Works very well.
I know you said you live in an apartment and I have no idea of how much room you have but they make some really small fridges/freezers that would hold one keg.
Here is one:

I might be able to pull off a small fridge/freezer like that if I get rig of the family aquarium and stand.

Aquarium on top of one said brew chilling down device… Perhaps?

Me do fill once a while bottles from a keg. Actually today do 4 bottles stout for the chief cook at work. But it holds carbonation for about 10 days

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