Nocturnal grain blend

Any comments about this nocturnal grain blend now offered? I tried a porter with 1/2 lb of this - just to see what it is like. Added about 1/4 lb of Eng. med crystal. I will bottle later this week.

Sounds like marketing hype for mixing up a few dark malts but I’m a cynical guy… Let us know how the porter turns out!

I used this in the Pirates Plunder…uh… Hoppy Brown…India Brown Ale? dunno, but it worked really well (I’m not a big IPA lover, and this one did it for me). I liked it a lot, but the hops popped so much that I didn’t get much out of the grains. I would like to incorporate this blend into something more malt forward to really see what it’s about. I am unsure about it’s properties, therefore it’s a little hard to design around, but that’s what experimentation is all about. Beer will be made! Post your findings, let us know how it turns out.


well, after only 1 day - i tried the leftover 1/2 of a 22 oz. bottle of this porter with the nocturnal grain blend. after only 1 day i had nice carbonation - i use only 4 oz, of priming sugar and not the 5 oz recommended. the initial taste was creamy which i never had before. That was good. the overall taste was very nice and pleasant. I used 1/2 lb of nocturnal and 1/4 lb of Eng. med Crystal malt. i did not want to have too many things interfering with the trial. from a search i did i got this on the nocturnal - not sure how correct it is:
(a blend of Fawcett’s Pale Chocolate, Simpson’s Dark and Extra Dark Crystal and Weyermann Carafa III)

I would like to try it by itself with maybe 1 lb of nocturnal and nothing else. I may also use the 1/2 lb and some amber Liquid malt and see what happens.

It was nice!