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No yeast activity

Almost 24 hours ago I pitched omega yeast into my wort and I see no activity. I read it can take awhile sometimes but I’m getting worried now.

Make sure you have a spare pack of something to throw in there if it doesn’t take off by tomorrow morning. My own rule of thumb is 36 hours. Just 24 hours, no big deal. Ideally you’d like to see it take off in 12-16 hours, but it doesn’t always happen. Ensure you have some spare yeast just in case, but wait until tomorrow morning to use it. More than likely, it won’t be necessary.

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What yeast and what temp is the wort?

70 degrees pitched it at 74

Pitched at 74 it’s going to take off any second now. I’ve had batches take up to 3 days but I usually hold my temps at the bottom end of the recommended temp range.

Just curious, what recipe, and which Omega yeast in particular? Did you notice the package date on the yeast? And did it spend a lot of time un-refrigerated?

Do you see any Krause or are you going by the airlock

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Bucket or carboy?


Just checking…sometimes buckets leak and there’s no gas to bubble up in the airlock. At that temperatrure you should start to see some activity on the surface soon. Personally I’d give it 72 hours before getting distressed. I’ve even had lagers take almost 5 days to get going with no ill effects in the finished beer.

Forgot to mention when I got year in the mail the ice pack wasn’t cold it was warm with it. Pack was bloated so I thought I should brew and pitch instead of re-refrigerating it and brewing later. Let the pack sit in room temp for 4 hours before pitching. It seems to be working now but I’m worried the yeast cells are really low.

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