No stir sugar

I just bottle my amber ale. When I went from my primary to my bottling bucket I had added my priming sugar but I forgot to stir the sugar when the beer went from the primary to the bucket. I had done everything else correct like adding 2 cups of water to the sugar and then boiling it. Will this affect my carbonation by not stirring the sugar when I added it to the bottling bucket?

Could. If you racked the beer so it swirled around the fermenter you might be ok.

What I did was I racked roughly 1/2 gallon of beer into the bottling bucket from the primary, then I poured in the sugar and then proceeded to rack the remaining beer from the primary into the bottling bucket. When the bottling bucket was filled I totally forgot to stir in the sugar. I then bottled the beer without stirring the sugar.

You might be ok…time will tell.

As @uncdeo said… Only time will tell.

In the future try putting the priming sugar in the bucket. Rack so the beer swirls around the bottling bucket (NOTE: this is NOT splashing). Sanitize a long plastic spoon and GENTLY stir. After about every 8 beers or so gently stir again. This will ensure the priming sugar doesn’t settle to the bottom, especially if you have a slow bottling process.

If is does not carbonate in the bottles is there anything I can do to save it

I have a feeling you’ll be okay. Some bottles may be more carbonated than others, but all should have some fizz. The problem with trying to fix it now is that you don’t know which bottles have sugar, and which ones have a little less sugar. I guess if you chill and open a bottle after a few weeks and have no hiss from opening the cap, you could add a sugar dot or fizz drop.

I don’t know. I never stir just let if swirl while racking and havnt had a problem. The last time I bottle I used flars domino dot method. Worked perfect. That’s how I will do if in the future . Every bottle gets the exact amount.