No sanitizer step with BLC?

I previously used PBW let sit in lines for a 1/2 hour, a cold water flush, and then finished with Star San when cleaning my beer lines.I purchased a quart of BLC, and, I read the instructions on the bottle ( I know I need to surrender my Man card), and there is no sanitizer step. Has anybody here used this product and am I reading it correctly? Thank you. PS How often do you clean your lines? I currently clean both lines every time a keg kicks. Roughly monthly. Thanks again.

I clean my lines after each keg. I use PBW and then flush with water. I don’t use sanitizer. I don’t know if that’s good or bad. My lines pretty much go right back in service. I’m curious to hear is other people do the same method.

No sanitizer needed just follow directions. ... eaner.html

I clean a line when I have a keg kick. But, bypass this step if I have a keg from the same batch going on the same line.

I always clean after use and then sanitize before use. SOP.

I also do this.

I run a batch of PBW through each keg I empty so I always run some of it through the lines (the keg is now full of it, just make sense to run some through the lines) then I do the same with the sanitizer. I just pour off that first bit of the first pour so I’m not drinking sanitizer.

seems to work for me.

Beer Line Cleaner, and Acid Line Cleaner both sanitize the lines. Nothing lives through that treatment. They do suggest a rinse after treatment and StarSan would be fine, but then again tap water would be fine as well. Not a real point of concern, just don’t want the first pint out to be full of anything other than beer, so the “rinse” is just to be sure that nobody is drinking a few ounces of cleaner/sanitizer with the first beer poured.

While PBW has its place, keep in mind that the main residue that we fight in beer lines is better cleaned with products designed specific to the use. BLC and ALC are the two I use.

I find that for buildup issues in other brewery hoses, a PBW soak followed by an acid rinse does wonders and returns most clear tubing to sparkling like-new condition. A soak meaning maybe 30 minutes, not overnight or longer.