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No more Bell’s in Virginia

So I stopped in at my favorite little local pub for dinner tonight and noticed they don’t have Bells Two Hearted on tap. I asked why and was told that Bells has pulled all distribution from the entire Commonwealth of Virginia.

Did the google dance and found this:

Yep, as they said he did the same thing in Chicago because of a distributor with ties to Anheuser Busch.

Often they are concerned the new distributor will fail to market their product aggressively. When you walk into a supermarket (where the vast majority of package sales occur), shelf placement is dominated by BMC and their ‘crafty’ beers. Bottled natty light, 12 ounce cans in sixes twelve packs, 18 packs and suitcases, 16 ounce natty lights, Naturdays in same said packaging, and you get the idea…15 square yards of natural light…and way down there on the end/ bottom is Two Hearted.

Honestly, that’s not the case where I shop. There is one wide aisle with beer and wine in our local Harris Teeter. One side is BMC the other is craft. Very nice selection with fair and equal representation IMO.

That local pub owner said B2H is his number one selling beer. The way I read it after reading 3 different articles, is that Bell’s issue is with the use of the phrase “in perpetuity” with regard to the distribution rights limiting the producer and owner of the brand. That makes perfect sense to me except that the contract with the previous distributor was exactly the same… I didn’t read it as association with BMC but I could see that being an issue.

The small town near me is a pretty upscale demographic with lots of local craft beer options. Sure there’s a crowd and demand for miller lite but we drink lots of craft beer around here. I had already begun to question the recent quality and my own taste for B2H. Deny it for 2 years and I may just have moved on. I guess they were willing to give up 5% of their business for their morals so good on em.



I know, visited my niece at MSU and they’re making a killing there with the coeds with the Naturdays.

@dannyboy58 that sounds better than here, all the supermarket chains’ displays look like this, only worse:

What is that stuff?

It’s kind of mixed here. The more affluent a community the better the selection.

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Where’s the puking face emoji when I need it? I bet there’s a lot of horrible hangovers around campus from that crap!

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I think that’s backwards it’s a pink lemonade flavored with light beer. The non-existent flavor of the light beer doesn’t take away from the lemonade fla vor

Thank goodness they didn’t have that stuff when I was cutting my teeth. It could ruin you for life.

Similar stuff like Lemon Lime Lager has been around a long time way before Bud Lime or whatever it’s called. Anybody from the Pittsburgh area remember this?

I know it’s kind of an American radler never caught on. PA still has that gross shandy stuff

Born and raised in Pittsburgh. Been drinking beer since 1970, but I don’t recall this one at all.


Come on, you never had lemon lime flavored beer on the rocks? Neither did I.

Lol. From our friends at Pittsburgh brewing company(Iron City, Robin Hood cream ale, Olde Frothingslosh, others ) Hop’n Gator was, I’m not kidding, lager mixed with Lemonlime Gatorade

Sorry @dannyboy58 this thread is so hijacked, not sure how I got to 50 year old Lemon lime beers from your original post :flushed:

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No worries…whatever keeps the kids amused and engaged.

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