No more base malt

Got a major issue. My basemalt. 2 row. Has fungus growing. Its a new 50lbs bag. Did ruin my brew plan AFTER 10 weeks not brewing. Now my question. Think i know the answer. But can i use regular. Bakkery grains. As my base malt. If i do roast them for a while in the oven. Me still waiting. For my grain supply to arrive on. Island. But at the moment the island on lockdown. And me running out of homebrew

Too bad the fungus can’t be rinsed off… But I’ll think its through the husk into the kernel…
Bakery grains… Wouldn’t you have to get them to sprout, then stop that by heating (kiln)…
How about making some apple cider?

I was thinking about that. Mayby some rice beer. Well at least goats happy. The farmer said dont worry about the fungus. O well


I think that fungus won’t matter unless its Purple/Black Ergot.

There you go… Rice brew… use some of the specialty grains to alter the flavor?

That sucks. Could try some alternate stuff. I have hard cider going. A gallon of apple juice, some sugar and wine yeast. I’ll try adding a little cinnamon to a glass when it’s done to see if that will improve it.

I don’t think there is a homebrew supply within a hundred miles of us and a trip to the mainland, even though there is a road, can be a PIA with traffic. Island life :smile:


Nasty black stuff. But still bums me out. No brewing untill new grain hops yeast. Cleaning stuff. Brewing salts. Arrive here on island. To make matters worse. After one year. Of covid. Its now our turn for compleet. Lockdown. Nightclock. From 9 till4. No drinking on the beaches. Guess for now buy cases of beer

Me toying with rice beer. Mayby some. Caramel malt. Melodian malt. And 10 lbs rice combined with oat malt. Hops. Citra. Hallertau. Saaz.

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Did buy case of strongbow hard cider. Fewcases. Of polar beer. At a local bar. 5 dollar a case. Due to lock down. Bars need to be closed