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No fizzz

So i brewed and bottled a 5 gal batch of Smoke Bomb and let it bottle age for a couple of weeks. Tried it out and no carbonation. There is a slight “pssst” when i open the top, but no carbonation in the beer.

I’m 99.99% sure i added the priming sugar when i bottled. It’s my first batch in a while and i distinctly remember adding the sugar.

So what are my options? Should i dump them all back into my bottling bucket and add sugar and re-bottle? Fizz drops in each bottle and re-cap? Other suggestions?

The beer tastes great, BTW, just need to have some fizz!

Thanks guys!

Warm it up, keep it warm for another week, and it will probably be just fine. Sometimes carbonation only takes a week, sometimes it takes 3 weeks or rarely even a month. A week or two is most common, but 3 weeks is not uncommon. Just needs a few more days. I think you’re fine.

After the beer is warmed gently invert the bottles two times to bring the yeast off the bottom. Chill one of the beers for three days before opening. This will force the CO2 into solution.

Thanks guys, ill let you know how it turns out!

Good to go! Thanks for the advice. Not a big head of foam, but definitely on the right track.

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