No Fermentation?

Hi All,
Brand new brewer and I am loving it so far.
I think I made a big mistake while brewing NB Sweet Stoudt.
Brewed last Thursday the 30th and all went well.
My buddy and I were drinking while brewing so our senses were not at 100%. We placed wort in plastic carboy to ferment that night. I checked on it briefly a couple of days later and noticed that Kruezen was building nicely and I had bubbling on the pressure valve.
What I neglected to do is take off the valve cap.
Just checked on it today and there is no Kruezen present and no bubbling-did I kill the yeast???

Sounds like everything is fine. If by pressure valve you mean airlock, then you really shouldn’t take the cap off, although if you have sanitizer or booze in it, the cap is not that big a deal(helps keep flying nasties out of the airlock). Let it sit for a week or so and take a gravity reading if you have a hydrometer. If you don’t, I would recommend one.

Best thing to do is look up “How to Brew” by John Palmer on the internet. The old version is free and will get you started on the right track if you’re really serious about brewing. This forum is a great place to learn, too. I’ve got about 20 5 gallon brews behind me and I’m still a rank newbie. I learn something every day on this forum.

Also, most of the time my “only one beer before the airlock is on” rule during brewing is wise. Haha

Good luck and welcome to the hobby/obsession.


Thanks Ron. Do have a hydrometer so I will take a reading next week. And I will follow your one beer rule (lol)

I agree with Ron. Visible fermentation may be done after4 days. BUT… visible signs ending does not mean it’s done. Let her ride my friend.
Good Luck! :cheers: