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No boil brew

So me reading about no boil brewing. Me sort of confused. You bring your wort to 180 fh. Than turn of the flame ???, and start your hop additions

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Following this

I did a no boil brew once. It was a very fast process that allowed me to get a brew day in when I would not have normally had the time. I wasn’t happy with the result but I’m willing to try again someday. The brew I made had an odd taste.

Still mayby call me old school. Like to do full boil. And i know the end result. Me having a hard time to understand. The. No boil. Method. What i read. Some use this for. Neipa. Beers

A few times I made a beer that didn’t require a hop addition before 30 mins. One time I thought why not only boil for 30 mins. The beer turned out ‘flabby’ and had zero stability. Significantly different from previous times. I’ll never do that again!


Me thinking i dont get with the program. Sorry about the no boil

Been reading. More about this. Even did ask a friend from. Brewworks. Based in California. He says he tried it. But never again. So conclusion forget the idea. To many brewers say. Have done it. But forget the idea. Must say. Do like a full day of brewing. Morning prep everything. Start brewing at 13. During brew day. Music. Beer. And talk. About. Music. Beer. Life. A fun day with my brew buddy


The Mr Beer kits are actually no boil. I made one AFTER learning proper home brewing, it was a Christmas present from my very well meaning kids. Mr. Beer gets a lot of hate but with proper temperature control during fermentation it actually turned out surprisingly good.

Pre-hopped extract seems to be the key.

I figured, without checking it out admittedly, that these were probably pre hopped extract. Which, essentially was boiled thus your just reconstituting the wort. That would work vs fresh wort.

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