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No beer while making beer!

Everthing was going great. I steeped my grains, got the wort boiling,added my hops at theright time,then it happened. I was grabbing my final hop addition and realized that I never put my lme in. So I quickly put it in and boiled it for ten minutes and cooled it down. Is anything bad going to happen with this beer?

What kit were you making? It may end up a little more hoppy than you planned, but it should be ok.

You should be OK. I often add part of my LME at the end of the boil. Maybe a tad more hoppy than you had planned for, but yummy none the less.

I usually have all my grains weighed out and sitting in bowls before I add them to my mash and one Saturday afternoon I was brewing & drinking and got the mash ready to go, checked the temp, checked the pH and all was good. I knew I had about 90 minutes to do other things and about 15 minutes later I come back to the kitchen and see a bowl with 3 lbs of Munich sitting there. :shock: DOH! I added it when I noticed it and it was all good. For extract brewing, there is actually a late-addition method (adding the extract closer to flameout) where some brewers will try to cut down on carmelization and also try to preserve lighter colors so I think you’ll be good. Cheers.

No. When I do an extract batch, I add the extract at 15 min. So you did it right, IMHO.

The title of the thread leaves me to believe that maybe the OP had a, “nice one sitting”, as my late father often told me.

I am glad your beer will be fine. This can be a dangerous hobby and flame and boiling liquids can cause damage. I always enjoy a beer or six, around flame out. Be safe out there.

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