No Alcohol Content!

Any help will be appreciated, this is my first attempt at making mead.
All the equipment was sterilized by the book, and the honey was not heated to obtain a homogenous liquid - lots of stirring.
I have a 5 gallon batch in its 3rd week of fermentation.
I used Lalvilin EC-1118, LD Carlson yeast energizer, and a recommendation of Wyeast Beer Nutrient.
The first week the alcohol content measured 5.5%, 2 weeks later I completed the first racking, after that the content dropped down to ZERO!
As an attempt to recover, I added 1 lb. of honey with the intention to see the alcohol content restart.
It’s fermenting, but still no “kicker” increase.

Presently it tastes like a bitter near beer.

Am I being too impatient?

I’m not sure I understand this post. What are you measuring alcohol content with?

My guess is that you’re looking at a triple scale hydrometer and are looking at the ‘potential alcohol’ scale. If that is the case you need to look at the other scale on your hydrometer and do a calculation to figure out actual ABV. Something like this:

This will help.

Was your first (OG) reading 1.055 and your second (FG) 1.000 ? In that case you are a hair over 7.2%.
(OG minus FG) x 131 gets it pretty close.

Flip hit the nail on the head, I was reading the triple scale alcohol content.
A beginners mistake I suppose. :oops:

The web links to conduct a quick calculation and pin down how to use a hydrometer helped me understand the simple gizmo.
Presently my mead is at 6.5% which leads me to think that my batch is not ruined. :smiley: