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Nitrogen Cylinder Vs C02 Cylinder

I recently was blessed enough to buy a fellow brewers equipment. Included was 2 C02 Cylinders. I already have 2, so now with 4 cylinders, I am not sure what to do. I was thinking about putting a nitrogen system in the fridge, but are there differences between the cylinders other than stickers? I can’t get a good look at them online, so any help would be great.

A nitrogen cylinder is valved differently and hold the gas at a higher pressure then Co2.

Shucks, well anyone want two 5lb C02 tanks? I’m in Northern MN, but make frequent trips to the cities. One is steel and the other is aluminum, almost brand new. I would trade for brewing supplies or other hardware.

I would trade for one. I have lots of grain and hops. We’d have to ship to each other… but I’m down. Let me know if your interested and I’ll PM you with a list of what I have to trade. I also have some yeast, but that would be an issue with shipping and temperatures.

When you make it down to the cities next, stop in at Minneapolis Oxygen. They’ll likely just swap out one of your CO2 cylinders for a nitrogen…or beergas(that’s what you want) I think they only really stock 5lb sizes and they are steel cylinders. The Bloomington store did it for me anyways. Doesn’t hurt to try. They’re very nice.

A buddy has Nitrogen in a CO2 tank. My understanding is you can’t put as much Nitrogen in a CO2 tank as a comparable size Nitrogen tank.

Then you will not need to buy a new regulator (or just the nut) to fit the different style threads.

Check with your local fill station. Make sure you have a sticker placed on the tank to designate the gas inside.

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