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Nitro tap

My brew store does trade out beer gas and I’m thinking of setting up a stout faucet. What styles or beers do you all like on nitro

Nitro seems like one of those things that you either love or hate. Our RIS tastes totally different on nitro and I don’t care for it over regular CO2.

Nitro gives it a smooth creamy feel and taste. Really anything can be served on nitro.

I was thinking stouts and porters for sure. Maybe NEIPA

There have been a few APA’s on tap around here that way… I equate it to… without its like a square going down your throat… with it… its like a nice round ball! Sneezles61

Ever had an ESB on nitro? I wonder how that’d be.

Stout. Need a Stout faucet to go with it. I used to have a source that would somehow mix the N with CO2 in the CO2 tank. I didn’t think they were supposed to do that and never asked questions.

You will need to shut off the tank when not pushing the beer as I recall. Love it but Stout isn’t bad with just CO2 and the Stout faucet.

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