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Nitro tap installation having too much foam

My latest addition to the keggerator is a NB nitro tap for stouts. Followed set up instructions, set regulator @ 25 PSI. Let sit overnight, then dispensed a glass of foam, after settling, there was about 1/2" of liquid. Repeated 4 times, same results. Quick call to NB, and it was suggested to go up to 35-40 PSI, as nitro runs about 4X the pressure of CO2. Same results. Disassembled everything, all fittings correct. Let beer sit a week, purging off gas daily. Ready to try again, any suggestions on a starting pressure? Cheers!

Did you pre carbonate with co2? If so how much?

Next, how long is your beer line?

It’s been a while since I’ve hooked up my nitro setup and I don’t have my notes in front of me so I’m going to estimate some of my #'s

You can carbonate with straight co2 to about .8-1.2vols… any more and you will get foam. the whole purpose of the nitro is to knock some of the co2 out of suspension.
Your other option is to carbonate with beer gas. 25%-30%co2/70%-75%nitro. Only the co2 will dissolve into the solution. depending on how could you keep your setup, the beer gas will need to be set at somewhere between 35 and 45psi. Again, I’m estimating since I don’t have my notes with me. It also take some experimenting to get it dialed in how you like it.

As for the length of the beer line, since you’re forcing it at a much higher pressure, you need a lot more hose… I think mine are at 16ish feet. compare that to my normal beer lines at about 7.5 feet.

Good Luck. Hope this helps.

Line length is key.

I suggest you set it to 30 psi, and get 20 ft of line. That will likley be more than you need, but you can cut off 1-2 ft at a time until you get the pour you like.

I know there are calculations to figure resistance (decrease in pressure) per linear foot, so try the math too. Depends on ID of your line, and composition of the tubing.

Also, I get best results when I let it sit on the beer gas to “carbonate” straight from the nitro/CO2 mixture. And I find it takes a little longer than straight CO2 carbing.

Update: oops, forgot to mention am using a 75/25 % beer gas mix, all that is available to me. Hose is a NB beer out prefab line/ball lock setup. Line is about 4-5’ I guess. Beer temp is 45 ish. Use separate CO2 system for Ales, Porters, etc. have a three tap tower on keggerator. Does this info help? Cheers!

I had the same problem when I first set up my stout faucet with beer gas. It was all foam no matter what I tried. This was with an oatmeal stout that was plenty carbed for serving through a regular faucet. I finally gave up and sat everything to one side.

Now I had a couple kegs of elevenses brown ale that I had carbed at 8psi for a couple days. Obviously not much carbonation. So I thought give the beer gas set up another try. I tried 20psi on the beer gas and it was perfect. Poured with a thick and creamy head that settled quickly to leave about an inch of foam on top.

Like the others have said you could fix it with longer lines. If it was me I would keep bleeding off the co2 till it doesn’t foam.


This seems odd. I’ve always kept my 75N/25CO2 blend at 30psi with normal 5-9ft Bev lines and gotten a perfect pour. With that much nitrogen, there really should not be much foam.

Are you ever hooking up with straight CO2 or all beer gas?

Is the blender gas from a reliable source?

Gas is from large industrial supplier, who has offered beer gas for years. Regulater new. Didn’t pre carb with CO2. Will set 30 PSI, and try again. Will post results.

My experience:

  1. Carb with CO2 at lower than normal PSI…for me around half what I would normally carb (usually carb with CO2 at 12 psi, so carb at 6 psi)
  2. Use 5-foot of beer line.
  3. Vent CO2 in keg prior to attaching Nitro gas line.
  4. Nitro PSI set at 20-25 psi.
  5. Pour pint 3/4 full with forward pull on the Nitro tap.
  6. Finish pour with a backward push on the Nitro tap.
  7. Watch the show in the pint glass.
  8. Consume.

Cheers :cheers:

Ok, line length is key then. As another member said, start with 20’ and cut off 1’-2’ and try another pour.

Another question. I assume you’re using a stout faucet.

Good luck

PS, I have no idea why the 5’ is working for others, maybe because the ID is smaller.

Yes, it is a stout faucet.

I’m having a similar problem and need some help. For my stout (Guinness) I’m using beer gas mix with a short beer hose (4-5 feet) and keeping the temp around 38°. The gas company is a respectable company that does beer gas for many breweries. My first few beers out of the keg are perfect. But the further into the keg I go, the more and more foam. I tried one keg at 35 psi and another at 28 with similar results. Is it a beer line length problem? A psi or temp problem?

I don’t know that much about pouring on nitro but could you have over carbonated it?

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