Nitro Coffee

What do you guys know about cold brewing nitro coffee? Specifically the gas. I hear co2 makes coffee taste bitter, acidic and carbonation is gross. But I hear you need co2 for the cascade effect that nitro faucets give you. I hear some people just use 100% nitro and let it soak for 1 week. I really dont know who or what to believe. Has anyone here tried it? I see they’re having a discussion about it at homebrew talk, but I was banned for sneezing wrong.

Figured you guys might know.

I’m working on a similar project now. If using 100 percent nitrogen, it shouldn’t have to be in the for a week, since you’re really just using that gas to push it out. You’re right that you don’t want to use co2, since that gas itself has an acidic flavor, and nobody wants fizzy coffee. If you’re really into getting that cascade effect, I don’t have. Definite answer for ya, but I’m about to push cold brewed coffee through a Guinness style faucet with all nitro, so ill let you know how it turns out.

I just found this thread that might be helpful,

I’m looking to start making my own as well. I’ve Googled quite a bit and even asked a couple coffee shops that make it. The answers and procedures are all over the board, but it looks like either use beer gas (75% Nitrogen/25% CO2—a lot of “ish” with those numbers) and let it sit or don’t. I’ve read to use start Nitrogen only and shake the crap out of the keg before serving… Also to let it just sit.

Everything thing I’ve read was to use the Guinness style spout with the filter as that agitates the Nitrogen for the cascading effect. I just don’t have the money to experiment too many times.

If you figure something out please post up!