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NHC Club Night

I attended my first club night in Seattle last night, incredible! Unfortunately I did not bring my camera, is there somewhere folks post pics?

Club night and other conference pics at … HC%202012/

An almost great Club Nite. I was saddened to see that so few clubs brought any food or snacks to their booths. Fortunately, their beers were pretty good. BTW, Denny’s club was great.

Thank you, Martin! We planned for a year and we all had a great time! The hop infused aioli rocked!

[quote=“Denny”]Club night and other conference pics at … HC%202012/[/quote]oo

Thanks Denny, just went and checked out those pics, good times. The last photos are of a carboy that looks like it has Chantrelles floating in it…? Am I seeing this correctly? A buddy of mine made a chantrelle beer, but we put them in the mash. Whats the story on this one?

Yep, 2 lb. of chanterelles in the secondary. I can’t imagine they’d do any good in the mash. The beer received great reviews, including from Randy Mosher, whose idea I stole! He liked it so well he brought Tasty McDole and Mitch Steele by to try it.

Denny, you must be a fungi to brew with… Sorry. Couldn’t help it…


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