Hey guys. My name is Brian and I’m going to be getting the Deluxe Brewing Starter Kit and the Mad Brewers Upgrade Kit from NB for Christmas. I was just wondering what else I would need as I just get started in this hobby? I’m really looking forward to getting started. I already have kettles of various sizes, so I didn’t purchase any of those. Thanks in advance!

I would upgrade to a bench capper instead of a wing style capper.

Bottles? Recycle, save bottles from beers you and your friends drink. Sam Adams, Odell’s, New Belgium, Avery, … Any pry tops. 12oz or 22’s. Even the European swing tops can be reused.

Welcome to a great hobby!! If your budget allows, get yourself a wort chiller and a strainer. :cheers:

Thanks guys. Already planning on reusing bottles that I’ve already emptied. I’ll definitely be getting a wort chiller, but wasn’t sure if I would do that right away or wait a little bit.

I bought my immersion chiller after my second extract kit. I did the “pot in ice water bath” which did ok, but I wanted to cool faster so I bought a chiller. There is no desperate need to get a chiller right away, but when you buy or make one you will be glad you did. :smiley:

We’ve done over a dozen beers without a chiller. The ice water bath works fine if you’re only doing a three gallon boil and then topping off with water.

Once you step up to AG or full boils, the ice bath is too slow.