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newbie questions

making a blueberry mead. 10 lbs honey, 5 lbs blueberries, 4 gallons water… 2 sachets lalvin 76b-1122 yeast.

fermented one month…

my final grav was 1.01.

im supposed to add 5 lbs of honey and 5 lbs blueberry and go another month or two.

i racked it off the crud to a clean/sanitized fermenter… added the stuff and topped off with an additional gallon. (still have a little headspace).

will i have enough yeast since i racked to complete the process? or do i need to make a starter with anther pack and add that to it?

how much headspace is bad?


I’d probably add more. Was the mead clear when you transferred it? If it was still pretty cloudy, you’ll probably be alright without adding. You’ll need a good gallon of headspace for the fermentation that is going to start up. To age it, you want as little headspace as possible (2 inches).

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