Newbie Question- adding water after fermentation

Brewed a Raspberry Melomel 1 gal. batch. Did not strain the raspberries after Blending them which created a 2 inch thick mass of pulp at the top of my fermentor. After 3 weeks in the fermentor I racked to a secondary 1gallon carboy and have only about 3/4 of a gallon of mead. I am tempted to top off the mead with water to bring it to 1 gallon prior to putting it away for conditioning. Will this adversly affect my mead when it comes time to drink? Should I leave it as is? More info about my recipe, 4 lbs wildflower honey, 1.5lbs raspberries, 3tbls loose tea leaves, small handfull of raisins, champain yeast strain ec1118(i believe). I appreciate your comments, Thank you

The dilution will obviously reduce the ABV, but there is another thing to know about adding water post-fermentation. You do need to boil the water you are going to add for at least 2 purposes. First is to sanitize, the second is to drive off the dissolved oxygen so that you don’t add oxygen to the finished product and promote premature staling.