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Newbie mistake hops added to early

Hi Guys, I am a new home brewer, and just joined the forum.
I just brewed up my second recipe kit, and I made a mistake in the recipe. The instructions stated to add the first hops at 45 minutes until the end of the 60 minute boil.
But I added the first hops in at the beginning of the boil, instead of waiting 15 minutes.
Is that going to effect the taste? Is it ruined? The recipe was the white house honey ale.
I followed the rest of the recipe properly.

Your beer will be a bit more bitter than if you had waited, but it should still be very drinkable. No, it isn’t ruined.

It’s now Second-term White House Honey Ale.

It’s just like the first term, only more bitter.


You won’t be able to taste a difference. You’re fine.

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