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New years Barleywine

Seems like a small amount of hops for that grain bill. What is cbc-1?

Ah bottling yeast

Sumpthin isn’t adding up on that grainbill… Or, my pencil went awry…

Talk to me Goose… Seems about right to me with the long boil.

That’s what I was thinking!

Please expand on your thinking. I imported it into Beersmith and it’s good style wise and ABV. What am I missing?

Here is an ESB I make

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OK, checked… My pencil was off… I’m in the ball park. Had a couple of Duvels last night…
Fermentables total is 1.106…
80% is 1.084
75% is 1.079
I’ve not brewed such a big brew, so I cannot comment on the FG…
It’s alot of grist… So much in fact, it’s comparable to my small brew that makes 10 gallons into my fermenter!
How did Gilda Radner say it?.. Ahhhh never mind.


Traditional Scottish ales have very little in the way of hop bitterness or aroma. Since most hops came from England and most Scottish brewers didn’t like buying anything from there, they didn’t brew with a lot of hops. It may just be lore but, it sounds reasonable.

I use CBC-1 when bottling high gravity beers. Some people say they don’t use it and have satisfactory carbonation. I find I definitely need it. I’ve heard that CBC-1 is better for bottle conditioning than champagne yeast because CBC-1 will ferment enough to carbonate where, champagne yeast will over-ferment due to its increased alcohol tolerance, which may produce bottle gushers or bottle bombs. I just discovered on the NB site that they recommend using 2 grams per 5 gallon batch. Hmmm…wish I had known that before bottling my last big brew.

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Ok cool. So did you boil a gallon of your first runnings off into a few cups? @barbarianbrewer

I did do the reduction. I reduced it down to about 1.5 quarts instead of the 1 quart it called for due of darkness and rain. I boiled the one gallon of first runnings on the gas grill while the main kettle was on the Dark Star burner. I really think that is a necessary step. The beer has an wonderful toffee-caramel flavor very much like the aroma of the reduction near the end.

Interesting. I do biab so I would just have to pull off a gallon and boil it down, hope for the best there

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Since you don’t have first runnings in BIAB I wonder if you would need to start with more volume to compensate for the lower wort gravity. Then again I didn’t do the full reduction and it still tasted great.

Yeh or I could just mash a seperate small batch and end up with a gallon at the same gravity which I could boil down. Probably wont though.

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My Imperial Stout recipe reached its FG (according to the recipe) of 1.021 in just 4 days thanks to the Kviek yeast I suppose. The OG was 1.081. The recipe calls for moving it to a secondary for additional time, but it’s done. Should I bother??

  • Yes move to secondary.
  • No let it sit in the primary until bottling

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But Squeegee, that’s a pigeon holed answers… If you need the fermenter do rack and wait… Or if the Gravity has been checked and confirmed, why not bottle and let it condition in bomber bottles?
See, nothing so simple for a homebrewer… Eh?

I wasn’t about to give a “maybe” as an option to this crowd.
Less than a week in the fermenter for an Imperial Stout seems like a crazy idea. I guess I was thinking I need some batch aging but bottle age might be fine enough

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Yes, a maybe would have alot of us sitting on the fence… Like a flock of birds…

Ok so I’m going to brew the golden strong using marris otter recommended by @sneezles tomorrow. Thanks all. I’ll likely being making a few of the recommended esb recipes in the weeks to follow as well.


So @sneezles61 I dont adjust my water yet I just use camden in mybtap water which is really soft. Do you think I should mash at a higher temp to be sure of conversion?

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