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New years Barleywine

I’m looking into starting a new tradition of brewing a big barleywine every new years day with the family. Looking for tried and true recipes of your guys’ barleywine.

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I think I need to follow this thread. :sunglasses::+1:

Wouldn’t it be nice to open up last years barleywine on new years eve, every year and some from years passed and see how they change!?

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I tried making a barleywine and it ended up taking me 2 years to drink it all. It did get better with age but it was to alcoholic and I could only drink it if I needed a nap. Not my favorite style Ive never had one I really liked. Much prefer an old ale. Actually I ended blending some I’ll have to look tomorrow see if I have a bottle stashed

Hmm maybe I’ll look into doing some other style as well.

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I’m with Brewcat… Even a big Belgium golden ale stores well and can drink easy… Sneezles61

My New Years brew is a Lambic. Mainly because my apartment is cold enough to batch age for 3 months

Well I say try it since your a kegger it will be easy to blend .

A local brew pub does a barley wine aged on red wine barrels. I absolutely love it, and have been thinking about trying to recreate it at home. This post may have just rekindled my desire to do that.

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Yeh, I bought a sack of Marris Otter, so I need to figure out how to use it up

How about esb recipes!? Need to use this 50 lbs of marris otter in something!

I had 2 sensational imperial stouts this holiday. Makes me want to try the style again.

Not a single recipe!!!

Here you go. Pretty easy drinker. NOTE: Ignore the volumes and carbonation info since I develop that info separately.

I apologize… I’m not a barleywine fan…
hhhmmm… Maybe a Belgium golden strong? Using Marris Otter?
11 lbs M.O.
2 lbs table sugar
Correct your pre-mash water to 5.8…
Mashing temp at 145.
20 minutes into mash test and verify a pH 5.2 but no more than 5.4…
Hops, Saaz, or Tettenang…
3 oz to the boil
2 oz at FO
Yeast… I cannot find whites 570, but wyeast is suppose to an equal 1388.
Gravity will be in the 1.075 range, sugar will dry it out so your FG will be low… You’ll like it about .005-.007… Ferment in the low 60*…
This is a Duvel style… Swapping out Pils for MO.
You’ll also want this to be on the high side of carbonation… Since I keg, and don’t use any calculators… Nice big pillow head… I get that a 12 PSI’s

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Thanks guys! I’ll try them both

This sounds great!

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Do you let this age at all? I’ve thrown out the idea of making barleywine altogether. If I make any in the future, it will be a small batch.

How you can condition it will be the factor… Of course, even force carbing won’t get the best results, but it does certainly speed up the process…
Since it’s a bigger brew, it’ll last. It doesn’t take long for it to go if you get a couple of them down the hatch, then tell your circle of friends what you have on tap or bottled…
Even the beer drinkers of the “lighter” color will appreciate this brew… Do not tell them the ABV… That’s when they turn their noses…
Do find a 4 pack of Duvel… Your wallet will squeal, but your taste buds may enjoy this… Check the date on those little bottles… You’ll get the picture.

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How about a Scottish Wee Heavy? I brewed this a couple of years ago and really liked it. Traquair House Style Wee Heavy I used 17 lbs of M.O. instead of the Golden Promise.
The only problem I had was not adding CBC-1 when bottling. Most bottles have almost no carbonation.

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