New workbenches

After six years my folding saw horses are back in the wood shop. Will a hang wide drawer under the top of one bench for hydrometers, siphons, and other small pieces of equipment.

Next step is to get rid of the sloppy shelf unit.

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Nice job, how tall are they,and how long to make?

Nice. Are they on casters?

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It sure seems we can collect a lot of stuff and worse yet, can’t git rid of it! When you figure out how to git organized please keep me in the loop! Nice benches too! Sneezles61

The bench tops are 50" × 25". Height is 36". Both are on 3" casters. They roll well on the concrete with just finger pressure.

I could have built them in half a day if I would have looked at the sheet of countertop material a little more closely. The MDF is covered with melamine. Thought it would be perfect to just glue the top to the full 2 × 4 rails. Countertops have the working surface protected and the underside raw MDF. That is what I had always seen before. This sheet had melamine on both sides. Even the miracle construction adhesives did not live up their the labeling. I had to drill through the tops to install four hold down screws in each bench. Time also added to the build to get the screw holes sealed.

That looks like unibroue grande reserve 17…tasty brew.

I would have saved one but there were to many visitors to give each a decent sized taste from one bottle.

I have to admit that I brew in the garage and my “table” is a piece of plywood on two saw horses.

Besides the brewery there is so much “stuff” in there the makeshift set up does store away nicely but something like that would be nice. One of these days I will clean out all the “stuff” we don’t need.

Both my heavy duty benches in the garage are on wheels. All of the stationary power tools are not stationary but on wheels. For large projects both vehicles are moved out and the woodworking tools positioned for easy and safe use.

Still kind of messy looking with all the other stuff.

Try silicon to glue tops down… Sneezles61

Why didn’t I think of that for the second try. I even had a partial tube for another project. To bad I went ahead with the screws to get it done.

maybe now put some on the heads of the screws and wipe smooth with a putty knife, just insurance to seal up the exposed wood! Sneezles61