New Wooden Tap Tower

I got tired of wrestling with the aluminum single-tap tower that came with my kegerator, and wasn’t satisfied with the PVC one I had built, so I decided to build a more elegant wooden tower with three taps.

Well, space for three taps, anyway. I had two extra shanks, but only one faucet, and as of right now I only have one keg. But at least now I have room to grow, right?

I made it out of red oak. It only took a single 1x4x10 piece of lumber, cut into eight 12" pieces, plus two 1x2x1’ pieces and the top 1/4x6x1’.

All of the joints are sealed with wood glue, then I added metal brackets for strength. The top hinges open (backwards) for easy access to the inside of the taps. I haven’t mounted it on the kegerator or done anything about insulating the lines yet, but I’m pretty proud of my handiwork for somebody who doesn’t ever do things like this.

And yes, I am aware of the pitfalls of untreated lumber and splashed/spilled beer. The wood cost a total of about $25, and I figure I can always start over with stained and treated lumber next time as long as this one works well.

Nice…on a related note, where’d you get the drip tray?


[quote=“StormyBrew”]Nice…on a related note, where’d you get the drip tray?

:cheers: [/quote]

The drip tray came with the kegerator. I bought it years ago at Best Buy.



Search drip tray at the below link and you won’t be sorry. Very cheap.

Looks kind of like ET… just sayin’… but, I like your setup…