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New tubing stinks/makes beer taste bad

I recently got a couple of these short picnic taps/tubing from Northern Brewer - ... rsion.html

I gave them a quick rinse in pbw and starsan and hooked one up to a keg. I noticed that they smelled like “plastic”, but did not think much of it. They made my beer smell and taste just like a plastic tube. I did a longer PBW soak and starsan rinse… no difference. I am now on my third PBW soak…

Anyone experience this? How did you get it to go away? I have never noticed it on any other beverage tubing I have purchased. The plastic smell and flavor is really, really significant - it is not some subtle background aroma or flavor.

I wonder if they changed something over the last several months. I purchsaed several, maybe 6 months ago and mine were fine.

I always boil new plastic tubing. There are a variety of volatile chemicals in the plastic and the heating helps remove more of them before the tubing comes in contact with the beer.

Thanks Martin - I will give that a try, as the third soak in PBW did not do the trick either. Any set amt. of time for boiling?

Possibly a soak in some Cola will remove the odor/taste? It works for removing fish odor from your hands.

I googled the issue and found this link which might be helpful to you:

The guys seems like he know what he is talking about. I hope it helps.


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