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New trick

Here is a trick I use for pushing beer from a corny keg to a sanke. I have a jumper that I use but the other day I wanted to push beer into my sanke Brett solera. Now the sanke keg is set up with a picnic tap and one of those little mini carb shooter things. I put another picnic tap on my corney with the fresh beer and connected both taps with a piece of stainless steel tube. I released all the pressure in the sanke( held it open with a screwdriver). Then opened both taps and pushed it over. Afterwards just cleaned the stainless piece which is the only thing in contact with the Brett. You could do it between any kegs really if yo don’t have a jumper handy

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Got to say that us home brewers are crafty people with our tips and tricks. I’m currently working on a new brewing system for in the house. A good friend of mine bought a semi trailer at auction with home improvement and plumbing supplies. What caught my eye was the tankless electric water heaters that were in there. After a little research and some small changes to it I now can get my sparge water perfect temp in less than minute with out using a kettle to heat water with less energy.



Water heather awsome idea

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