New to lambics

I know very little bout making lambic but here we go, I started lambic about 2 months ago, racked into secondary, added cherries, i noticed in primary there was a couple small solid masses floating on top of beer, no worries, read about this on the forum, racked from beneath, about two days later, secondary has a small krusen with a little of this thin solid mass on top of it, any time i have had an infection it had been solid ontop of the beer, this was not solid but little spots of solid masses . do you all think it is infected

I never rack to secondary, but heard people talking about autalisis(SP) in beers, so i did cause i want to let this age for atleast 6 months, whats the lowdown, do i need to be worried about this beer and about autalisis(SP). if infected what should i do, lastly i used WYEAST #3278 BELGIAN LAMBIC BLEN

Can you post a pic? I mean by nature of it being a lambic, it’s expected to be “infected.” Look at the critters in that Wyeast blend and you’ll see why.

I’ve got a lambic going now and its got quite a pellicle going on top, which is expected. Lambics are a whole different breed.

When you make a lambic, forget everything else you know about the way is supposed to look or act. You are hoping it’s “infected” with the exact same microorganisms you are trying to avoid for a clean beer-- lacto, brett, pedio.
Don’t worry about skins, bubbles, films, or hallucinations!