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New to Kegging

I just recently started kegging beer and one of the purchases that I made was a 5 gallon ball lock keg that came with a 20 oz. CO2 tank. All information that I received indicated that you could do somewhere in the neighborhood of 6 to 7 batches with the smaller co2 tank before refilling.

I must have a leak because it didn’t last through one. I kegged my beer just about a week ago and the carbonation last night was just right. I put the keg on the back porch tonight to let it cool off and when I went to pour a glass, the pressure gage read zero. I just ordered myself a 7 lb. tank and a new regulator. I am in hopes that I can get some CO2 soon enough tomorrow and that this doesn’t affect the taste of my beer. It was a NB American Wheat beer and was tasting really good. I guess that I should have used soapy water to see if there were any leaks. Live and learn I guess.

Never argue with a fool in a crowd cause after about 5 minutes the crowd can’t tell who the original fool was.

sounds like you answered your own question…

If the keg still had pressure after 1 week, I don’t think you have a leak.

If you forced carbonated the keg, my guess is that all the co2 was pushed into solution.

A larger tank for general use and the 20oz’r for dispensing when the big one is out of commission is a great idea.

Thanks guys, this is a fantastic forum. I believe that you are right, about there not being a leak but I’m going to get out my spray bottle with soapy water and find out for sure…

In the mean time, I have a 7 lb CO2 tank on order and a new regulator. I will keep the 20 oz tank with that regulator for back up and use the 7 lb for my kegerator when I get it built. I am getting tired of carrying the keg from inside to the back deck and then inside again every night just to get it cold. You know when you aren’t looking for an old refrigerator, you see one or two every time you are looking for something else. The minute that you start looking specifically for one they all disappear. Oh well, one will turn up sooner or later.

Never argue with a fool in a crowd because after about 5 minutes, the crowd can’t remember who the original fool was.

I use a 20lb tank for carbing and a 5lb tank for serving.

I got out the soap and a little water, mixed them together and covered every joint that I could find. Found two places where it was leaking andd the were not small leaks. I tightened things up and the leaks stopped. I am just happy that the beer is still okay. It lost some carbonation but that should be back up again in a day or two. i assumed that the fitting would be tight, but as they say never assume anything.

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