New to brewing and kegging

Hey Folks,

I have a batch of Caribou Slobber in secondary at the moment and I’m hoping to skip bottling all together. I think I’m about a week out of racking to the keg I’m about to buy. Which brings up my main question.

It looks like I can get 2 soda kegs converted to ball lock with new O-Rings for $85. This is about the best deal I’ve found so far on the interwebs. Is there anything I need to look out for when ordering these things? Is there a dyi method that’s cheaper? I realized they’re all used at that price point, but they seem like they’re pretty standard. The hope is that they’ll be hooked up to a small 2 tap kegorator.

I’m really trying to avoid bottling if I can so this needs to all happen in the next week or so…

Thanks for any help!



I would skip the pin lock converted to ball lock kegs. Because they are more expensive. I would buy what ever is less expensive, ball/pin lock. And then use the disconnects that are flare fittings rather than barbed. That way you can easily switch between the two styles. And even easily switch to different lengths of tubing if you carbonate something at a higher pressure.

For $20 you can get all the o-rings you will ever need to rebuild the kegs and service them later.

Any of the keg sellers should send them to you under pressure. But they may not. If they arrive not under pressure, replace the rings, add a little lube
and pressurize them. Check for leaks and if so, ask for a replacement. Though we buy them “as is”, they must be serviceable.