New sake brewing report on SakeBrew

Hey guys,

Me and Dennis made a report on sake brewing as part of a project we did. We decided to put this report on SakeBrew for everyone to see. If you are interested in making a project of yourself, are interested in story, industrialization, biotechnology and/or biology then you should not be disappointed.

Go check it out here: Sake brewing report

This is one of a few steps taken to revive SakeBrew


Thanks for putting that online, looks like the project was fun.

Thanks for your feedback :slight_smile: It is always with great pleasure to have people commenting on your work. The project was a lot of sweat and major issues I am afraid. But I guess this is often the case with a few projects.

We had issues with just about everything. Just for fun I will go through a few of them. From the start our supervisor did not have time to see us for the first week of the project. (We wanted to have all materials ready before starting the project, but that was not possible). Into the second/third we finally get materials ordered. Now we have to find some kind of vessel to be brewing in. After some 4-5 weeks we get two (wanted 9) bottlenecks (wanted buckets) fermenters, where we have to build our own airlocks. Then we get to the “incubator”, when it was available we had to experiment a lot, because the incubators had a air refreshing function, which meant that our rice got dried out. Also the temperature control got totally fucked when we added a water bath in the bottom of the incubator. After 4-5 tries we get some koji we are satisfied with. Now we have to build the temperature control by hooking the fermenters up to some cold water and manually controlling the flow with handles. The water tank was drained multiple times due to leaks in the system, which meant that our tanks did not have cooling. This lead to major issues with temperatures going from 21 to 8 degrees when it should be constant 15. Rice preparation was also a trial and error that led to rice totally soaked in water due to condensation of water below the rice. Measurements was a bust as we had to do our bachelor projects simultaneously, which had me working almost every day from 8-20. And then we had one of the three of us working on the project disappear just before having to write the report. (possibly dropping out). This was definently not a well executed project and we got little help from our supervisor - only on occasions did he reply to emails.

So yeah… The other one says he never wants to touch sake again, and I have totally mixed feelings about it aswell. :S. The report does not really tell the whole story, but I have some experience in making things look/sound good.