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Northern Brewer Women’s Workshirt- UM807 - Our classiest shirt, suitable for all homebrewing situations from formal tastings to assembling brewing systems. Also suitable for bowling league. Features the Northern Brewer logo front and back with two front pockets. Made by Dickies, tailored fit for women. ... inder.html

Regulator for Disposable Oxygen Cylinder- K342 - This adjustable regulator works with disposable oxygen cylinders, which can be found at hardware stores. Using pure oxygen is by far the most effective way to oxygenate your wort. Most brewers notice improved yeast health and attenuation after they switch to pure oxygen. The regulator has a 3/16" barb; it is recommended to use 3/16" beverage tubing (K052) and a #1 worm gear clamp (K124) to connect the tubing. Commonly used with a 0.5 micron carb stone (7867). ... -1-oz.html

Falconer’s Flight (back in stock) - 1oz and 1lb - Falconer’s Flight™ is an exclusive proprietary hop blend created by Hop Union to honor and support the legacy of Northwest brewing legend, Glen Hay Falconer, who passed in 2002. The blend is comprised of many of the Northwest’s most unique hop varieties, including Citra™, Simcoe®, and Sorachi Ace along with experimental hops and numerous other NW varieties. Perfect for any Northwest-style IPA. Each hop has been hand selected for its superior aromatic qualities, imparting distinct tropical, citrus, floral, lemon and grapefruit tones. A portion of the proceeds go to support the Falconer Foundation, which supports brewers and brewing. Approximate Alpha Acid 10.5%.

Nice to see a regulator. But from what I’ve read the .5 micron stone seems kinda sensitive. Any real significant difference between the .5 and the 2 micron stone?

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